Newsletter Issue 9 – January 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 9 –  January 2015

Last year, after a slow start all expectations were exceeded with the level of enthusiasm, interest and support demonstrated by the ‘Blackburn Flyers’ and also with the number of organisations within and outside Humber Enterprise Park who have agreed to join our adventure.

In preparation for the centenary celebrations in 2016, we have set ourselves a number of targets which to be completed this year.  The main target is to build and test fly the actual scale model by October 2015.  This assumes a ‘formal’ roll out at some point in summer 2016 but best to get first flight (and subsequent repairs?) in before winter.

Currently we don’t yet have a design so need to generate a computer model of the structure ASAP, and complete the mass balance, conduct a robust safety case, build of two rigs to exercise the engine and to complete the design of the control surfaces. Easy?

The second string is a technology demonstrator to bridge the gap between 1916 and  2016.  How far can we push current boundaries?

To meet this challenge we need to stretch our imagination and think out of the box to be innovative. This requires an unconventional way of thinking by making the use of ‘Undirected Creativity’ and make the use of ‘Wisdom of the Crowd Principal’. (I personally don’t think this bit adds anything so haven’t edited. RB)

Key areas of developments are to build a data-link rig, establish video link with the mobile phone technology. We also need the model not just to look but also sound right, making single cylinder 2 stroke engine sound like a V12 RR Eagle will present a considerable challenge.


Andrew has created the CATIA model of the seaplane and is available on drive.  The model shows the outside surfaces and could be presented in 3D using stl file.