Newsletter Issue 7 – November 2014

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 7 –  November 2014

New Brough Site Owners

Information pack relating to the project was sent to Citivale director on 14th Nov 2014.  His initial reaction was to support this project but further discussion is needed.

STEM in Action at the KC Stadium

The annual STEM event, organised by HETA, at the KC Stadium on Thursday and Friday 20th & 21st November 2014 and as Debra was representing BAE in her role as an education partnership ambassador, she took the opportunity to take the small Seaplane model and display it for the kids and teachers to look at.  There was a lot of interest from both the kids and the teachers, some schools even had Ipad’s which they took photographs of the model on and Debra explained that we are going to build a replica scale model to celebrate 100 years at the Brough site. The day was a great success with about 200 pupils from 10 different schools, over the two days, all eager to learn about BAE SYSTEMS and what we do.   It’s always a delight to see the kids engaged and thinking about how they could contribute and potentially become our engineers of the future!  Let’s hope they take the initiative and volunteer to join us on our Seaplane journey.

International collaboration

Jane has managed to sneak a slide into a briefing pack to the Industrial Avionics Working Group (IAWG) management meeting about the Seaplane project and, she was told, they were all excited about the project and very happy to support it.  They have also given permission to reuse the demonstration software we developed on the ECOA research programme on the Seaplane too, where appropriate.  The companies are:

– BAE Systems ES at Rochester

– General Dynamics (United Kingdom) Limited

– GE Aviation Systems Ltd

– AgustaWestland Ltd

– Selex ES Ltd

– Thales

That’s in addition to the previous support offered in equivalent scope by Dassault Aviation in France, plus general ‘support and encouragement’ from Dstl, (the research arm of MOD).

The expectation is  to add French MOD and two other French companies to the list early in the new year.

Work Breakdown/Partnering.

No agreements made so the following proposed for discussion purposes:

Cablescan: Airframe wiring. Electrical connections at module interface (involvement in avionic fit separate subject)

Supercraft: Engine mounts/firewall. Cosmetic cowlings/fittings for display model. Primary central structure (assuming metallic tubing similar to HP42 model). Detail fittings.

Others? Feel it’s important we all get chance to participate in some way but not sure what form this would take.

Build space? Need to sort somewhere large enough to build and store these models.