Newsletter Issue 6 – October 2014

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 6 –  October 2014

Project Approval

On 13th October 2014, the confirmation was finally received from the site director that the Project which is now known as ‘The Spirit of Humber Enterprise Park’ is approved with some limited non-labour fund available before the end year.

The following email was sent out on behalf of the company to gather volunteers to discharge the Project.

Spirit of the Humber Enterprise Park

2016 will be the 100th anniversary of the Brough site and as part of the celebrations a team of volunteers are to replicate the flight of the first Blackburn aircraft flown from Brough. The project is intended to provide a key element of the centenary celebrations and to further publicise the Humber Enterprise Park.

Apparently on a very cold November day in 1916, Blackburn Seaplane Tail number 1416 was guided out of ‘A Shed’, down the slipway and into the Humber.  AJ Jackson’s book “Blackburn Aircraft since 1909” describes the day, ‘Launching was simple and the first flight successful, but the strong tide made recovery difficult, and the wading team led by Robert Blackburn’s brother-in-law, R. R. Rhodes, were literally frozen stiff and had to be carried in on planks and thawed out in front of fires lighted in the hangar’.

Time and cost are against building a full scale replica of ‘1416’ to mark the centenary but if enough support comes forward it is proposed to build a (very) large scale model.  The final scale depends on the level of support but ¼ scale may be possible within current regulations. With a wing span of approximately 5.5m (18’) this would be an imposing sight, especially if it were arranged to fly from the river.


In addition to the challenges of building (and certifying) such a large model in the time available it is planned  to bridge 100 years by including a 21st century electronics fit with candidates such as a Global Positioning System, Gyro, Data-link, Fail Safe System, 3D video First-Person View  telemetry, and Google Virtual Reality headset technology.

If you are willing to donate some of your spare time and are interested in participating in the design, build and certification of this flying model, please contact one of the organisers.

2016 may seem a long way away but it will approach all too soon when undertaking a project of this scale, so the organisers need as many volunteers to assist in the project as possible.

Project Launch

Organisers were overwhelmed with the level of support that they received from interested parties. A launch meeting was organised on 24th October 2014. Over Sixty volunteers came forward to participate in the project and the a Launch meeting was a success.

LMA Static Display Show


Following the Project launch, on 26th October 2014 a visit was organised to go to the Large Model Association Static Display and Trade Show at Gaydon near Birmingham. The purpose of this visit was to see the Large models similar in design and take adequate photographs to held the design of the seaplane.