Newsletter Issue 30 – End of an Era – October 2016

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 30 – October 2016

End of an Era

It is now two years since we formed the Blackburn Flyers and it has been a pleasure working with all volunteers to build and fly the model seaplane.

The last day of this journey was supposed to be Brough’s family day and the plan was to rest the seaplane in a museum. It was suggested that a better way to finish the project was to pass it to the Early Career team to enable them to use it for Education Partnership activities to encourage youngsters in the local area to take Engineering courses.

So after the incident on family day, we have been busy repairing it to enable us to display it at Scarborough and Sheffield AMRC.




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We also submitted a Chairman’s award nomination to use the seaplane as a part of STEM activities to encourage school kids to take engineering subject which is being progressed.

Everyone’s asking me what I’m going to start doing now and my wife answered that for me, its put a new bathroom suit in the house.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the fun designing, building and flying the seaplane and thanks again for everyone’s help and support.

Thanks again

Mat Manzouri