Newsletter Issue 3 – July 2014

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 3 – July 2014

Brough Site is now called the ‘Humber Enterprise Park’ with a number of other companies such as Cablescan and Supercraft resident and is not a property of BAE Systems. This fact makes any Brough related celebration activity more complex.

To get other companies involved Mat made a 1m wing span model of the Seaplane and Richard organised a meeting with other site residents.


Since the plane is made of Balsa wood, Pat provided a Futaba transmitter and 4 channel receiver and Mat purchased the motors, propellers, battery, sorvos etc to make it a flying model, but it was decided to keep this for static demonstration purposes and not to fly it.

After consulting the site director to get his approval for getting other companies involved in this project, Richard contacted Cablescan and Supercraft to see if they were interested in the Project.

A meeting was held on 9th July 2014 at Cablescan to discuss the proposal to build a scale model of the seaplane.  Both Supercraft and Cablescan were very interested in the project but they wanted BAE Systems to lead all activities and they just build to print their share of the project.

The other event that could be linked to this project is Hull City of culture 2017, so Mat sent an email to Hull Council to see if they were interested and on 11th July Received confirmation email from Hull city of culture 2017 showing interest in the Project. The email notes that we need to submit a formal proposal by end of 2014.