Newsletter Issue 28 – August 2016

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 28 –  August 2016

Within two weeks of the first flight’s heavy landing the seaplane was repaired and put on display at the Heritage Centre and Jeff has managed to run the engines for about an hour without any problems, so the seaplane was declared ready for the next flight trials.

On Monday 1st August Nigel Whitehead, BAE Systems Group Managing Director visited us and shared his experience with flying seaplanes as he is a modeller himself and gave us some valuable tips and advice to maximise the exposure of the seaplane to the local community which we are pursuing.


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Due to high winds the earliest we managed to schedule the second set of flight trials was Friday 5th August. The plan was to run the engines till the examinor is satisfied with the reliability and performance of both engines and we spent the first half hour running the engines.


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The seaplane took off with ease again and it was flying above Brough for the second time with an impressive approach and landing.


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We also managed to instrument the aircraft with an on-board camera on the tail section and the footage from the air is amazing.


And this time we had the full flight data recorder with telemetry and Dave Senior was monitoring the flight from the ground and the live map display was watched by those still in the office.


So after all this you want to know what happened!

Well, the first two flight were successful and at that point the examiner was confident that we have sorted all the issues and decided to carry on for the full 12 take off and landings required to fully certify the seaplane by Civil Aviation Authority for public displays.


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It took us over three hours in total and by half six in the afternoon all the flights were complete and the smiles say it all. The flight trials were total success.



Build Next steps:

We have missed the opportunity to display at Elvington Air show on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August.

There will be other opportunities.