Newsletter Issue 27 – Flight Trials Special Edition July 2016

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 27 –  Flight Trials Special Edition July 2016

Flight trials

After receiving the flight trial clearance from the CAA, we had a successful take-off and flight but one of the engines failed whilst in the air and we had to control-land on the grass.


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The trial began by carrying the seaplane to Brough runway in three sections and the trials team assembled the plane on the runway.


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Inspectors carried out the range test by applying the control whilst Pat drove them along the runway.



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The plane was taxied on the runway.



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and the inspectors declared it ready to fly.


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The plane took off from the runway into the Brough skys with ease


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And the inspectors were impressed with its flight characteristics, handling and performance.


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We even managed to replicate some manoeuvres seen on the original posters and photos.



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One engine failed during the flight and the inspector had to control land it on the long grass verge. Minor damage to some aluminium tubing that supports the nacelle connecting the floats to the main spars which are being repaired.

Build Next steps:

Complete minor repairs, run the engines for a couple of hours before its ready for the next flight trial which is planed during the first week in August 2016.