Newsletter Issue 25 – May 2016

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 25 –  May 2016

Model Build

Late April we managed to finish all the wiring and got the controls operational.


we then tested all control surfaces and they all worked well as expected.


The next stage was to put cover on and we used the paint-shop facility to bond the Ceconite fabric to the Structure.  The airframe was then painted using a highly specialised painting system as used on the SR71 gate guardians at Palmdale.  In the USA it is called latex paint and has often been used on large scale model aircraft and some home built light aircraft, in the UK it is readily available and is called Masonry paint.  We have brushed on 2 very thin coats and the finished result looks excellent as you can see.


South Hunsley School delivered the Flight Data Recorder enclosure which is a work of art and is very impressive.


South Hunsley also engraved a Plaque using their laser facilities to remember all those who supported the design and build.


The props are still an issue as we haven’t received them as yet.  The latest delivery forecast for the two Menz props from Germany is mid-June and no forecast for the Falcon Beechwood which has been on order since November last year.

For the display purposes, Mat made a couple of props from soft timber he bought from B&Q and made them look like the original seaplane photos.


A number of Blackburn Flyers put an extra effort to get the seaplane ready for the Brough Garden Party on 20th May. Thanks to all volunteers for their work which was needed to finish the display and make the day memorable.


And finally we missed the opportunity to submit a proposal on time for the Hull city of culture 2017 as the window of submission was too short for the lengthy approvals needed to comply with the internal processes for any organised event.

Build Next steps:

The plan is to move the seaplane to the Heritage area and the next major milestone is to attached the wheels on two trollies and make the plane ready for its final inspection, submit all documentations to CAA and start the flight trials by the end of June.