Newsletter Issue 23 – March 2016

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 23 –  March 2016

Model Build

The lower mid-section of the wing is attached to the fuselage with pipe clamps to enable it to rotate using the correct shimming and provide the required angle of incident between 2.8 to 6 degrees. The Aerodynamic department is confirming the most suitable angle which is currently believed to be 2.8 degrees.

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Nacelles: The Nacelles have not yet been delivered, however the trial fits last week was successful and they are due to be delivered week 13 with the planned installation and alignments of the engine firewalls within the same week.


Fuselage: The Fuselage and Empennage are complete.  There is a debate on whether we need to use rigging for the tail section or not as with the use of Aluminium spars, the empennage box section appears very strong and steady.

We are still working on the mass.  We have measured the mass of fuselage and the wing sections and it is 36kg and by the time we add the engines, rigging, floats and the covering it will be something in the order of 80kg.  We will get a better view on that once the Nacelles is assembled.

Engine Run: Both engines were tested and Jeff has provided us with the videos of both engine runs.


Flight control: Gareth has connected the Power boxes and the servos and they all work well. The doublers for the ribs are all attached, the servo horns are made and will be attached by week 13 and once the required cables are defined and passed to Cablescan, they will be manufactured and that would complete all Flight Control tasks.


Build Next steps:

The next milestone is the inspection which will be organised as soon as the Nacelles and the cabling is installed.