Newsletter Issue 22 – February 2016

Model Build

I have received a lot of positive comments  after our 2 minutes of fame on BBC Look North. Thank you all for getting us to this stage and a special thanks to the build team and South Hunsley Scholars who appeared on the show.


So where are we with the build?

Fuselage: Complete apart from the tail section gusset / skin.  Pat/Andrew to confirm a way forward with that part of the design.

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Joining Wings to Fuselage: We have a new design and a way forward. Pat is leading this task and Mel has managed to make the required section which now needs agreement on the final shape, position of the Spars and final trimming. We still need to build the interplane struts.  Pat is on the case


Flight controls: Prototype complete and working.  The next stage is for Gareth to cut the doubles and pass it to the build team to install. He also need to identify the linkage to order. With the cabling, Gareth is to draw a basic cable design on a page to send to the LMA for approval and Cablescan for manufacture.  Meeting held with Tony Pontone at Cablescan and offered his support to manufacture the required extension cables once the drawing is available. This could be done in a couple of days once the design is available.

Engine Run: Jeff took the engines home and had a successful run with both engines. The only issue is that one of the props failed during the trials so we need to chase the supplier for the spare prop.

It appears that the carburettor  of the first engine was pumping constant fuel and was flooding the engine.  He has managed to adjust the Carb and run it successfully.  Jeff has also recommended to use mufflers and fuel filter which we need to consider. Thank you Jeff.

Nacelle: Meeting held with Owen at Supercraft and they are still awaiting the detail design of some brackets.  Pat/Andrew need to finish the drawings and send them to Owen.

Rigging: To avoid further delay on individual brackets, Pat came with the idea of making two types of Aluminium channels that the brackets could be cut from.  Mike is producing these channel sections.  The purchased rigging wire, forks and turnbuckles are not suitable (too small).  Pat agreed to use 2mm stainless steel wire Rope, however we are still trying to find the suitable size turnbuckles that are available. Pat is on the case and was at B&Q to look at different size available turnbuckles.

Floats: Pat has purchased the polystyrene sheets and the sections are cut.  The side ply sections are still to be cut and fine trimming of the polystyrene could be now achieved using the home made hot wire cutter that I made.


We are working on the build Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays, so if you want to help please let me know.

Build Next steps:

The next milestone is the inspection which is pencilled in for Wednesday 30th March. I’m still awaiting confirmation of  the date by the inspectors.