Newsletter Issue 20 – December 2015

Model Build

During the past couple of months the build progress has been significant.  The basic fuselage structure is complete and the only thing left to do with it is to find a way to run stringers along the top to give  the right profile.


Mel has come to our rescue with notching the trailing edges to accept the ribs and we should have all the flying surfaces complete by first week in January.


Build Next steps:

Next milestone is to have the structure  ready for inspection, it needs to be completely assembled and working minus  the skin/cover to enable examination of all parts and joints, so there is plenty of work for those who wants to get involved in the actual build.

We will be connecting the servos to the control surfaces once the aileron hinges are sorted.  Now that we have lost Paul, we need a volunteers who could bring themselves up to speed with the FrSky Taranis transmitter.

The Engine run test needs more focus and we need to complete testing by the end of January 2016.