Newsletter Issue 19 – November 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 19 – November 2015

Model Build

Latest wood orders have arrived allowing fuselage build to commence. Mel cut the longerons in his workshop and shunned 3D solid modelling for a more traditional approach:


However the results speak for themselves and the longeron joints are near invisible.


Build has been rapid but there’s dissent in the team with clear lines being drawn between those who want to build on floor to follow drawings for accuracy and those who want to build on trestles for their bad backs. Floor won. But time will tell…….

As much of the available build space was being utilised Richard took it on himself to progress the empennage at home. Pictured below are the elevators being assembled in a ‘well ventilated area’ under keen observation of his dog who is wondering why he is getting fed so late?


Note use of ‘carefully selected’ weights securing trailing edge while glue dried.


Build Next steps:

To carry out some repairs, the site facilities are planning to place a Cherry-picker in the build area for the week, so  this week the work on the fuselage needs to get more priority to have a chance of staying with the programme.

Detail drawings of the nacelles and supporting structure are nearing completion and Supercraft have commenced making the fittings. Supercraft will also build the floats:


Wings still need work; tips, trailing edges and balsa spar in-fills. All nice simple jobs so if any volunteers could spare 15 minutes on a lunch time??????????