Newsletter Issue 18 – October 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 18 – October 2015

Model Build

Experience thus far has been that with putting the effort into the design and getting details laser cut actual build has been quite rapid.

Wings and empennage main structure coming along nicely.

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A photo of the upper wing laid out alongside our B2 replica shows that they are about the same size.


Joints for the empennage will be via commercial barrel nut and bolt arrangement with a plastic saddle washer at the joint face. The barrel nut is only about ½” long so it sits in a alloy tube to extend it to fit the 1” outer tube. We made a prototype for testing (photo below) and were unable to break it under any reasonable loading.


This is fine for the 90° joints but we’re having to work up a variation to cope with the 7° dihedral on the outer-wing struts.

The actual wing joiner design completed (drawing appended) and RexRob Engineering have offered their support to machine such items for us.



Build Next steps:

We’ve got orders in with Belair for the fuselage formers and build space allocated so work on the fuselage should commence next week. One by One has a second order of Cyprias on way and when it arrives we can start work on floats (Supercraft will be building these) and Mat and Richard will build the control surfaces within the next few weeks.

Now got all the kit we need to bench run the engines but still a bit behind with completing the engine nacelle design, should have this completed next week.