Newsletter Issue 14 – June 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 14 – June 2015

Just a quick note to put everyone in picture with the current progress.

  • Tom has managed to bring the website to a position where we could actively use it as a way of discussing issues.  I recommend that we all sign up and register with the website using the link below. Please note that it may take an hour or so to receive your registration e-mail.


Once registered you need to login and Edit your profile to give yourself a public nickname.  Adding picture is done by registering with the using the same email address as the one used for Blackburn Flyers.  This would give ability to upload a picture.


We have fallen foul of the Health and Safety Act Section 2.2 (I’m sure you’re familiar!) due to lack of toilet facilities in building 42. This issue forces us out of building 42, but our friends in RoxReb Engineering have offered us a corner of their hanger to build the model. This means that we need to vacate building 42 by 10th June and we are in the process of moving the stuff to a temporary location on site.


  • Andrew and Pat have finished the re-designing of the ribs and generated the required CAD files for the Laser cutting.
  • Order has been placed on Belair ( for the supply and Laser cut of the Ribs (wing and empennage) which should be with us shortly.  I have also ordered the Virtual Reality Goggles, Pi Camera, the second engine, Fuel tanks, fuel pipes and a few other bits via Brammers.

Next steps?

  • Getting the ribs laser cut should be a great time saver but we still need to finish our shopping list for spars, longerons, struts, etc., etc. and buy the materials.
  • Partner involvement. We’ve been remiss in keeping our Brough site partners (Supercraft, Cablescan, etc.)  involved so a briefing will be prepared in next few days.
  • Build??????????? Hopefully we should have enough material delivered/bought /stolen to commence build by mid-month.

So who wants to glue the first rib?