Newsletter Issue 13 – May 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 13 – May 2015

As you were aware, this morning we presented our project to the DITS management committee and the meeting appeared positively received.


I would like to thank those who were involved or participated in the presentation and a special thanks to Blossom and Josh who showed such a professional start to the show.

We’ve shifted camp to another location on site as there were issues with our original building, not least the lack of a toilet. RexRob Engineering ( have offered us space in their building with all ‘necessary facilities’. Formerly a BAE training centre the ‘corner’ offered was large enough to house a Hawker Hunter so should be plenty big enough for us.

Wing and empennage design completed, order for ribs placed with Belair and we’re expecting delivery within the week. We’ve gone for 3mm birch for ‘full ribs’ and 3mm poplar for partial ribs (leading edge). Probably over cautions but the landing around the spars looked marginal, especially on the empennage, so birch should give us a bit of reserve strength.

Second engine ordered but there’s a slight availability issue so we won’t take delivery for another month, not seen as issue as engine fit is very late in build but we were initially worried about not being able to get one at all;  advice was that it wasn’t available, turns out the word immediately got missed out of the message!

Long list of materials; spars, intercostals, etc. being finalised with a view to ordering this week. Work to complete design of engine nacelles and floats should be complete by end of month.

We’re getting keenly aware that the build is getting behind programme but hopefully using as much laser cut as possible and the ‘self-jigging’ nature of the new wing design we should be able to make up some ground.

One major outstanding item is coverings and we’d welcome some advice. Obviously not going to cover before your satisfied with build but we need to get prices fixed ASAP.

Pat was researched ‘ceconite’ but there seems to be a wide range of prices, some very (eye-wateringly) expensive.