Newsletter Issue 12 – April 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 12 – April 2015

Next Tuesday (28/04/15) I’m giving a half an hour presentation on the Seaplane project to the Hawk Senior Management team at Brough.

Initially this was a small part of another presentation given by the site director similar to the one we prepared for the company chief executive but the site director was in India and he asked me to provide them with more detailed presentation with some of the team members present.


I’m looking for 10 volunteers to help me during this presentation which probably last half an hour or so.  I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you are willing to support me with this task next Tuesday.

The good News is that we are one of the main attraction of the day with the opportunity to show the very senior management team that the Engineering team at Brough are capable, willing and mean business.

The bad news is that our time slot is stretched to an hour and a half from 9:30 am to 11:00am with only 4 slides to show, so we need to plan this right as there will be a lot of time for them to ask questions.

I’m allowed to take 10 to 15 members, but Rebecca said that we are in 143 G1/G2 and there will be room for 20 of us, so I have looked at how we are organised and selected 20 members who could collectively answer any question that they might have.

As the Statement of Work is split, we need three main topics

  • 1/3 scale model of the Seaplane, gadgets on the table, The Prototype rudder (Pat and Graham), Drill Guide, engine and Propeller (Andy)
  • Technology demonstration, Gadgets on the table, MEMS Gyro set up (Dave/Alan), Actual Hawk AHARS and any other thing that might be ready (PI etc).
  • Media – Brough Site Flight Video- Mel I Probably come and collect it from your house this week.

This is how I think we need to organised the team

  • Certification
  • Ground Support
  • Design and Structure
  • Planning and achievement monitoring
  • Integration and coordination
  • Story Board
  • Support from Manufacturing
  • Facilities Management
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Media support


There is an Amy Johnson Festival event organisation meeting on Tuesday 12th May 6:30pm to 8:30 which you might be interested to attend.

The event venue is:

Artlink Centre For Community Arts
87 Princes Avenue
HU5 3QP Hull
United Kingdom