Newsletter Issue 11 – March 2015

Blackburn Flyers Newsletter

Issue 11 – March 2015

Andy has been busy making the Drill guide to ensure that the propeller holes aligns perfectly with the engine shaft.


Tomorrow, Wednesday the 1st, the Spirit of Goole ( aircraft will be on site for viewing. Exact location is TBD depending on weather forecast but if fine it will be outside Building 143 and if not so fine will probably be in 42 building.

The current timetable shows an allocated timeslot for us at 13:00 to have a close look as many of the construction techniques are similar to the proposed Blackburn GP model.  All team members are invited to view the airframe to gain an appreciation of the build.

Also for the Thursday’s meeting (2nd April at 16:30 in building 42) I have asked Pat to bring some fabricating material to discuss the build techniques as the design of the Ribs are complete.