Newsletter Issue 21 – January 2016

Model Build

The black box enclosure design is advancing nicely at the South Hunsley school. They came up with some good ideas and the next step is to prototype their design and shake it with the required spectrum and house it in the airframe once it has passed all the necessary tests.



We are behind the programme!

The following activities are still to be completed before the first inspection.

1-     The test of the control surfaces are not yet complete. We need 5 hinges to assemble an Aileron and a rudder, place the servos and the linkages and complete the test. The test would be to use sand bags to simulate the aerodynamic loads and to cycle the rudder and aileron to the required angles.

2-     Details of wing attachment and assembly to be resolved. Becoming urgent.

3-     We need to pass the designed brackets that support different part of the wings to be manufactured.

4-     Engine is still not running. Richard has volunteered to take it home and get them going. (With violence if necessary).

5-     There is still a dispute over the Flight controls. It appears that the FrSky transmitter that was suggested is not normally used for such large models. We contacted the LMA and it’s not insurmountable, subject to testing. So we need to get the receivers connected to a data logger and place it in a moving vehicle at a realistic distance and exercise the servos and show that the Flight control is stable.

6-     Engine nacelle needs completing.

7-     The floats need manufacturing.

8-     Wheels are still on order and we only received 3 of them, so we may have to identify different supplier or different wheels as not many suppliers keep them.  

9-     Need to work out the wing joints and the riggings. Purchase the rigging wires and manufacture joints.

Build Next steps:

We have been contacted by Look North and they are planning to come and see us on the next main milestone which is just after the inspection. I need to give them an indication of when we think we are going to achieve that milestone.